Quick start guide

To create a new event:

  1. Log into your Humanitix account using your nominated email and password
  2. In the top right click create event
  3. Fill in your event details
Don’t have all the details? Don’t worry!
You’re creating a draft event that can be edited and refined long before you go live, so just fill in what you know. Put some placeholder information in any required fields.
At any point you can click finish later to save a draft with the information you have and continue editing later

⭐ Setup your event details


The basics


📣 Event title
  • Give your event a clear and concise title
📆 Date and time
  • If your event has multiple dates with the same details for each occurrence select recurring event
    You will be prompted to enter your dates after you click ‘save and continue’
  • If your event has multiple dates with different details for each occurrence check out this guide to help you
🗺️ Location
  • Address: Use the google map search to find your address
  • Custom: Enter in an address manually
  • Online: If your event is virtual
  • To be announced: If you’re not quite sure where the event will be just yet - you can update this later
💰 Currency
  • Select the currency you’ll charge tickets in
Ticket sales are automatically accepted by our Humanitix payment gateway and paid out to you within 5 days after your event completion date. Check out our other payment options to suit your needs.

📑 The details


🖼️ Add your banner artwork
  • This is the primary image that appears on your event page and gives colour to your event.
  • Click upload a feature image to choose an image from your device or use the design on canva option to create a new one.
  • Banner images must be at least 1000px by 500px (we recommend 2160px by 1080px)
    The preferred ratio is 2:1
    Images can be no larger than 10MB
    Please note images will be cropped to this ratio and scaled down to optimise loading times of event pages
✍ Add your event description
  • What is the event about? Include any information they need to know before registering
🙋‍♀️ Add an organiser
  • Who is running the event? If your organiser profile isn’t listed create a new one
🕵️‍♂️ Set your event’s privacy
  • Public events will be searchable on the Humanitix website and google. Private events must be shared with attendees directly
📂 Add your event category
  • Your events ‘genre’
💸 Set a refund policy
  • Let your guests know what to expect from your terms and conditions. As the host, refunds are your responsibility and processed at your discretion

🎫 Ticket types and donations


Create a new ticket type option by clicking either paid, free, or flexible pricing. You can add multiple ticket types to an event.

1. Give your ticket a name e.g. “general admission”

2. Add the ticket quantity

3. Set the price (if it’s a paid ticket type)

4. Review the total event capacity. This should be the total number of guests that can come to any occurrence and will cap sales across all ticket types.

Optional: Advanced settings

Click the settings/cogwheel ⚙️ icon to:

  • Set a start/end sales date
  • Add a ticket type description
  • Hide tickets. These can be revealed to certain guests by setting up an access code
  • Set max tickets per order

Optional: Donation

5. Click + donation to allow attendees to make a donation in addition to their ticket types.

6. Give your donation a description. This can be the charity/organisation you are raising funds for.

👌 Save your draft


❤️ Choose the project you’d like to support with your booking fees!

🏁 Click Save draft

When you’re ready, you can go live with your event by hitting Publish

In the meantime, feel free to iron out all those little details.

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Capture your attendee's data


You can customise the questions attendees are asked during the checkout process. By default, we will capture the buyer's full name, email, and mobile.

Think about if you need to capture any ticket level information such as dietary requirements, DOB, or any custom question you require

1. Select additional questions on the left-hand menu bar

2. Click add question

Check out our guide here for more information

📨 Customise your order confirmation email


Attendees will automatically receive a confirmation email after registering for your event.

This includes:

  • Link to their Digital ticket
  • PDF Tax invoice
  • Order summary
  • Event details

You can add a custom message to this email, the confirmation page as well as the ticket itself.

Click Design & Comms > Messages

🤔 Other considerations


  • Style your event page: Make it yours by adding your organisation or personal brand. Click design & comms > styling and checkout our guide
  • Does your event have assigned seating?: Use our seating map builder to recreate your venue and assign attendees to seats.
  • Add-ons: Sell merchandise to your event in addition to your tickets. Read our guide here
  • Promo codes: Set up discount codes or access codes
  • Waitlist: Expecting high demand? Set up a waitlist so those who missed out can have a chance to grab later if you decide to cancel any existing tickets or increase your capacity. Check out our guide here

🎭 Different types of event setups


Not every event is the same and some may have certain considerations to make.

Check out our event guides below to make sure you’re covering all the right details before you live.

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