Swapping a ticket to a new event or date

Updated 1 year ago by Jeremy Tang

You can correct the booking by using our brand new Swap feature!

Please note: swapping does NOT transfer any financial value to the new ticket/order or manage any price difference. Therefore, if the new ticket is cheaper, you can issue a partial refund on the original order. If it's more expensive, you will have to take extra payment from your end, or issue a full refund and ask the ticket buyer to place a new order.
If you are cancelling or postponing your event, please get in touch and let us know so we don't process the payout for the event. This will allow enough funds in your Humanitix account and enable you to refund any customer if the new date doesn't work for them.

Follow the simple steps below to swap tickets:

  1. Locate the order by going to "Reports > Orders" from the top menu bar and searching Order ID, Name, or Email;
  2. View the order by clicking the Order ID or via "Actions > View";
  3. Review which tickets you are going to swap and click "Actions > Swap";
  4. Search for the event name and select the correct event date you are swapping the ticket(s) to;
Pro tip: if you can't see the event you are looking for, please make sure to click into the search field and type out the event name from its beginning to trigger the search.
  1. Select the tickets you are swapping to (for those which don't need to be swapped, select "Don't Swap")

  1. Click "Swap" and you're done :)

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