Someone has booked the wrong ticket/date/time. What do I do?

No drama. Take a breath and follow me, please :D

Your can correct the booking by cancelling the wrong ticket (without refunding the order) and creating a manual order (price will be $0) to issue them a new ticket for free.

Step 1: Cancel the Wrong Ticket (w/o Refunding)

  1. Go to "Orders / Refunds >> Orders" when you've selected the event;
  2. Find the problematic order and click its "Order ID";
  3. Then click the "Refund/Cancel Tickets" button at the bottom;
  4. Check the box in front of the ticket which need to be corrected - this means they will be cancelled and restocked;
  5. Make sure you clear both the "Refund Amount" and "Fees" fields are cleared or set to "0".
Pro Tip: Leave this cancelled order tab/window open on your browser and thank me later :D

Step 2: Create a Manual Order to Issue a New Ticket

  1. Go to "Orders / Refunds >> Orders" again;
  2. Click the "+ New Manual Order" button;
  3. In the "Payment Type" dropdown menu, select "No payment necessary";
  4. Then in the "Notes" box you can indicate this order is created due to "incorrect date/ticket booked" or anything else that would make sense for your reference.
  5. Select the correct date, ticket type, quantity;
  6. You will now see a new field "Amount Paid Per Ticket” appear and simply change the amount to "0" - this ensures there won't be any double-ups in your sales report;
  7. Follow the prompts to finish the order.
Pro Tip: Now you can copy and paste the customer details from the previous booking. And as I said, you're welcome [wink wink]!

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