Get in Touch with Us - Organiser Support

Contact us if you need a hand with your event (for event organisers only):

1. Submit a support ticket

90% of our event organisers have their issues resolved faster by submitting a support ticket as it gives our team all the information we need to help you up front.

2. Chat to us online

You can access the team anytime while logged in the Humanitix console via our live chat (Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm AEST).

Where is the live chat button?
Once you have logged into your Humanitix account, you will see this live chat button towards the bottom right corner of your screen:

3. Book a support call with our team

Find a time that works best for you and book a support call with the team.

4. Support hotline (subject to team availability)

Feel free to give us a call but our team can get quite busy and your call may not be answered in time. The 3 options above would be far more effective to get help faster:

  • Australia +61 2 7202 6035
  • New Zealand +64 9 802 0887

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