Who pays the fees (passing on or absorbing)?

1. Passing On Fees

By default, "Pass on fees" is selected and means fees will be added to the ticket price.

With this option, your customers (ticket buyers) will be paying for the booking fees on top of the ticket price. And you as the event organiser receives the full price of each ticket.

Using our standard pricing as an example, if you ticket price is set at $100, your customers will be paying $104.99 in total (incl. $4.99 fees). Your earnings will be $100 net.

2. Absorbing Fees

If you choose "Absorb fees" the attendee pays just the price of the ticket and the fees are deducted from the price you set.

With this option, your customers won't be paying for the fees. And you as the event organiser receives the price of each ticket minus the fees.

Using the same example with a $100 ticket price, your earnings will be $95.01 net in this case.

 We recommended setting "Fees" to "Absorb fees" for donation ticket types.

3. How to Set This Up?

You can set either "Pass on Fees" or "Absorb Fees" as default by going to "Account >> . My account >> Default settings":

Note: this default setting will only affect all future events you create. It won't apply to your existing events.

Or you can set this up or change the default setting in individual events by following these steps:

  1. Go to "Events" and choose the event you wish to apply the setting to;
  2. Select "Payment and Fees >> Settings" and go from there.

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