Something doesn't work? Try these tips!

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Here are 3 ways to help you troubleshoot:

1. Check your browser

Please make sure you are using one of these browsers listed below. You can click the links to check your browser version and update if needed.

Note: Please avoid using Internet Explorer. Microsoft has stopped supporting Internet Explorer and therefore it is no longer supported by most web applications. To ensure you have optimal experience, we recommend using one of the browsers listed above.

2. Refresh your page or restart your browser

Click here to see 5 different ways to force refresh your page.

3. Clear your browser cache

An overloaded browser could be the issue. The process for clearing your cache is different in every browser. Here's documentation from all the major browsers on how to clear your cache:

For other browsers or mobile devices, click here.

Please note: after you've cleared your cache, be sure to completely restart your browser. This step ensures that the cache is completely cleared. 

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