If Humanitix donates 100% of its profits to education projects, how do you make money?

Humanitix is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) and 100% of our booking fee profits go to our education projects (we partner with charities to implement these).

The below fee breakdown is indicative of how it works, whereby we guarantee (at our standard for-profit normal pricing structure) that a minimum of 30% of the fees goes to one of our education projects (including the credit card and processing charges, and even the GST charged for our services):

Booking (& processing) fee including GST = 99c + 4% = Visa/Mastercard + Humanitix Operating Costs (70%) + Charitable Donation (30%)

To clarify, the donation is not an extra charge - this is Humanitix donating its profits to a partner charity of your choice!

Please note that Humanitix receives funding from multiple philanthropic organisations, such as Google.org and the Atlassian Foundation. This philanthropic capital is being used to build Humanitix’ technology, invest in our accessibility functionality (so people with disabilities can better experience events), and scale our social enterprise to a sustainable level. Our booking fee “profits” are determined after meeting current and foreseeable costs and retaining amounts to maintain solvency, as determined by Our Board (consisting of volunteers).

Let's use $50 a ticket as an example

99c + 4% will be the total booking and processing fee (inclusive of GST) our platform charges. Therefore for a $50 ticket this would come to $2.99.

This $2.99 booking fee includes all Visa/Mastercard charges and GST for our services and can be passed on to the customer or absorbed into the ticket price.

Please note that an additional 1.1% processing fee applies to American Express cards.

Of this $2.99, 30% of the profit margin, which equals to 99c, will be donated to one of our three partner charities (of your choosing). The remaining 70%, which equals to $2.09, is used to cover our costs, which include Visa/Mastercard charges by the bank and GST.

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