Why did I get a charge from Humanitix?

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If you see a charge on your statement referencing Humanitix, it's likely related to tickets for an event listed on humanitix.com (check us out if you don't know who we are!). The way the charge appears on your statement depends on whether the purchase was made online or on-site at an event, or which payment gateway the event host has selected.

GOOD TO KNOW: No matter where an event is located, the charge may show “McMahons Point” on your statement because that is where Humanitix is headquartered in Australia.
GOOD TO KNOW: As Humanitix is a registered charity in Australia, the charge on your bank statement may also be automatically categorised as "Donation" depending on your banking app. This is because the way your charge displays on your statement is ultimately up to your bank or credit card company.

When you purchase tickets on humanitix.com

When you purchase a ticket online on humanitix.com, the charge on your bank/credit card statement normally appears as:

  • "Tickets-[first 16 characters of the event title] MCMAHONS POINT".

EXAMPLE: You bought a ticket online on Humanitix to the Cygnet Folk Festival 2022 in Cygnet, Tasmania. The charge might show on your statement as: Tickets-Cygnet Folk Festiv MCMAHONS POINT.

When you purchase tickets on-site at an event using Humanitix

When you purchase a ticket on-site at an event that is using Humanitix, the way the charge appears on your statement may vary based on what payment gateway was used on-site.

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