COVID-19 - What are my options (as an event organiser)?

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This guide is put together for event organiser on our platform. If you are a ticket buyer/holder, please click here instead.

In these times of uncertainty, we want you to know that we’re here for you through it all and we are all going through this together. There are many things you can do to make things easier for you, your team, and your guests:

Let your guests know of your plans

Many guests are wondering if events are going ahead. At times like this, there’s no such thing as over-communication. Let your guests know what your plans are, and that you’ll let them know if things change. You can use our Email Campaigns tool to reach all the people who placed an order for tickets through Humanitix.

It's ok if you are still figuring things out 💬

We understand there are critical big decisions to make and it can be incredibly stressful. It's important to take your time and weigh out your options. But in the meantime, be proactive and transparent with your guests and tell them you need more time and you will be in touch in the next few days.

Need ideas on what to say/do? 💡

  1. Here is an example we like:
"Though we plan to make this a day you'll never forget, we want to honour that this [event name] looks different than the one you signed up for. That said, we are offering a few options:

1. Request that your purchased ticket roll over to next year's [event name]. Just like that, you'll be registered for [event name] 2021!

2. Request your ticket price be converted into a donation. We'll send you a donation letter from
[registered charity's name] and appreciate you supporting us in [advocate charity's cause].

3. Request a refund. Your refund will be processed within a few days."
  1. Here's another idea - instead of issuing refunds, some of our organisers are also considering crediting their customers using our (Gift Card) Credit Bulk Upload feature, so that they can use the credit to redeem at an event in the future. Ask

If you are going ahead with your event...

Run safe events 👐

Follow and keep up-to-date with the advice and directions of government agencies – they make us all safer in the long run.

For your convenience, here are links to the official advice from both the Australian and New Zealand governments when it comes to public gatherings/events: Australia | New Zealand

Consider reducing the size of your event. For example, instead of having a conference main stage, have several smaller rooms or venues set up with a live stream. This is also a great way to reach people in multiple locations.

Did you know that soap doesn’t just wash away the virus, it disables it? According to UNSW Professor of Chemistry Pall Thordarson, soap is the most efficient way of killing viruses. Hand sanitiser is a good alternative where soap isn’t available but is less effective, so ensure adequate hand washing stations at your venues.

Don’t penalise guests who feel ill. Consider offering full refunds to guests who cannot attend your event because of illness, so that they’re encouraged to stay home. Your other guests will appreciate this also.

Take reasonably practicable measures, such as:

  1. reminding the public and event workers not to attend if they are feeling unwell;
  2. reminding the public and event workers not to attend if they have been overseas (excluding airport transit and the Pacific Islands) in the past 14 days;
  3. ensuring your emergency management plan is up to date;
  4. recording attendee details and (if possible) seating plans; and
  5. briefing your event staff on how to practice good hygiene and making it easy for staff and attendees to practice good hygiene.

Consider running or switching to a digital event 💻

Digital events are an incredible way to expand your reach and engage people all around the world. Many event organisers have taken this opportunity to help their speakers, educators and hired entertainment reach more people. And yes, you can still sell tickets to your online event. See our Guide to Digital Events on Humanitix for tips and instructions on setting up a digital event.

If you are postponing your event...

Because we’re all in this together, guests have never been so understanding about postponing events. Here’s how to do it:

If you haven't decided on a new date

  1. Go to your event and click ... from top right corner and then Stop sales;
  2. Go to the Basic information section of your event and add "Postponed" to your event name and event description;
  3. Send an Email Campaign to notify your attendees of the postponement. It's ok to be vague at this stage but it's critical you reach out to your attendees as soon as you can and that you set clear expectations with them.

When you have a new date for your event (aka. rescheduling)

  1. Go to the Basic information section of your event and change your event details including date and time;
  2. Go to your event and click ... and then Resume sales;
  3. Send an Email Campaign to notify your attendees of the changed date and include your refund policy or alternatives in your message in case the new date doesn't suit;
  4. Let your community know through all your channels – it’s also a chance to gather more attendees for the later date;
  5. Don’t forget to update your marketing materials for new guests.

If you are cancelling your event...

To issue refunds to all ticket buyers, get in touch with our team who can initiate a mass refund. Read this guide on refunding and cancelling orders.

Contact the team

If you’d like help with any of these changes, get in touch with us. We’re getting a large volume of calls at the moment – so if we miss your call, we’ll get in touch as quickly as we can.

And lastly...

Be kind to yourself, be kind to others. Share your toilet paper, check in on your neighbours, and remember that staying home if you’re not feeling well is also an act of kindness.

Events aren’t going away, and neither are we.

With all our support,

The Humanitix Team.

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