Set up earlybird tickets and waterfall pricing

Create multiple ticket types to offer earlybird or first release and trigger these to immediately switch over to your general release options. It’s a set-and-forget system to helps ease your event management, drive those ticket sales, and make it an all-round success. Boo-ya 👌


To set up your early bird options:

  1. Create your ticket type options via the tickets > ticket types page e.g. First release, second release, final release.
  2. Set the price and ticket capacity. Capacities may reflect how many you would like or expect to sell of each ticket type
  3. Set the ticket sales start / end dates (choose your option below)

Option A: Ticket sales begin when the early bird has sold out

  1. Click the settings ⚙️icon on your second release/general admission ticket type
  2. Select when under the ticket sales start/end header
  3. Select the first release/earlybird ticket in the start after field
  4. Repeat this step if you have multiple release tickets

General admission tickets will not go on sale until the earlybird option has sold out


Option B: Ticket sales begin at a certain date

  1. Click the settings ⚙️icon on each of your ticket types
  2. Select at under the ticket sales start/end header
  3. Select the start & end times for sales for each ticket so that each ticket type begins sales after the previous one ends.

For example: If early bird ticket sales end on July 1st 9:59am. General Admission tickets are set to begin sales at July 1st 10:00am


Option C: Ticket sales begin 'x' days or hours before your event

The before option will allow you to start or stop ticket sales x days or hours before your event.This will also apply to multiple event dates which makes it perfect for recurring events.

For example: You have an event running on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and set ticket sales to end ‘1 day prior’ to the event date. Ticket sales will end on ‘Thursday’ for the Friday occurrence, on ‘Friday’ for the Saturday occurrence… etc.

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