Updating Your Bank Account

Always make sure you have the correct banking details linked to your events so you can get paid on time.

You will have to update the bank account yourself because we are not allowed to touch your banking details for security reasons.

1. Adding a New Bank Account

  1. Log in to your console on humanitix.com
  2. Go to Account >> My account
  3. From the left-hand side My account >> Bank accounts to add your banking details and make sure it is set as default as well if you have multiple accounts (this will apply to all new events you create but not those previously created)

2. Making Sure Your Event is Linked to the Correct Bank Account

  1. Now go to Events tab from the top menu bar and click into the event due for a payout
  2. Click Payments and Fees >> Settings and see if the right bank account has been selected
  3. You can also choose to Lock Bank Account so no one else on your team (if any) can change this.

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