Managing VIPs coming to your event

VIPs / Speakers / Special Guests need to be treated with extra care. It can be a nightmare communicating to your door staff regarding who's important and how to treat them.

With our VIP Management suite, all the lead-up and on-the-day logistics can be streamlined.

Unique scanning messages for VIPs

Set up scanner messages to appear when particular guests or ticket-types are scanned.

eg. "This is a VIP, please welcome them, offer a glass of champagne and intro to Jenny." This is hugely useful in the heat of the moment and ensures that all the ushers need to do is follow the on-screen prompts.

Here's the guide set-up scanner messages.

Full Scanning App guide here

You can easily create special access to hidden ticket-types for VIP registration. This way, you can easily filter your VIP guest from the rest.

Generate complimentary tickets & bulk upload guestlists

Follow these links to learn more about issuing comp tickets and bulk uploading guest lists.

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