How to connect Stripe?

Connecting Stripe doesn't retrospectively affect the transactions that have occurred before (How Stripe handles payouts?).
As Stripe is a third party payment gateway, there are extra costs associated, which will be deducted from your net sales when Stripe settles payment with you. Learn more here.

Simply follow the steps below to change your default gateway from Humanitix to Stripe:

  1. Go to "Account >> My account >> Default gateways" and click Connect Stripe
  2. You will then be prompted to sign up with Stripe
  3. This will ensure all your future events will automatically select Stripe as the default gateway so you don't have to do it again.
If you haven't drafted an event yet, you are all done! However, if you have any events drafted, you will need to do the following for each one of them:
  1. Go to "Events" and then select the live event you have on at the moment
  2. From the side menu bar, click "Payments and fees >> Gateways" and connect Stripe again
  3. Repeat the process if you have more live events.

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