How do I unpublish an event?

To unpublish an event, open the event dashboard.

You can find the event under the "Events" tab on the top menu bar. Click "Manage"

Click "Unpublish" in the top right.

What if the ticket button is "greyed-out"?

1. Tickets have been bought/registered

Events that have had tickets registered/purchased cannot be unpublished. You'll need to first cancel these tickets via the "Orders" page.

Check out our guide on cancelling tickets HERE

2. You have "pending tickets"

We'll need to wait for these tickets to expire before the event can be published.

Don't want to cancel tickets?

Postponing the event? Want to stop sales - without removing everyone's tickets?

Change the event to "Private" on the Basic Information page. The event will no longer appear on our website.


Click the 'three dots' / options button in the top right >> hit "Stop sales" - no one else will be able to grab tickets.

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