Packaged Tickets

Better manage event capacity and provide value packs for your attendees with packaged tickets.

Firstly, you'll need to have already created your initial tickets that can then be included in these packages.

Once your initial tickets have been created, simply head to the ‘Tickets’ section of your event, then click ‘Packaged Tickets’. Click ‘+ New Package’ and begin populating the package name, price, ticket types and number of tickets that will be included in each package.

Similar to your initial ticket setup, custom start and end sale dates as well as package descriptions can be updated by clicking the settings cog to the right of the ticket type.

Note: Packaged tickets help when setting up tables of 10, festival packages (entry + camping), family bundles (Adults + Children) and more. This function ensures that for every ticket sold within the package, adequate capacity is accounted for within each ticket type created. This helps prevent overbooking!

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