Hidden Tickets & Access Codes

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Yes, you can hide a ticket and decide who can see and purchase it with an 'Access Code'. Sounds like magic, right?

Typical Use: to reserve tickets for VIPs, guests, artists, staff, sponsors and more.

To do this, simply follow the 2 steps below:

1. Hiding a Ticket Type

  1. Once you've selected your event, head to "Tickets >> Ticket Types" from the left menu;
  2. Find or create the ticket types (How to create a ticket type?) you would like to hide and then click the "Settings" gear/cog-shaped icon to the right;
  3. Ensure the "Hidden" toggle is turned ON and select hide "Always";
  4. Click "Save".

2. Creating an Access Code

  1. Make sure you have selected your event from the "Events" tab and you can see a side menu bar on your left;
  2. From the side menu bar, head to "Promote" then "Access Codes";
  3. Click "Create Code", put in any code you want, for example: "VIPACCESS";
  4. Set code usage limits with "Quantity" (per ticket). If you don't want to set a limit, simply leave it blank;
  5. In the "Applies to" box, select the ticket type you just set hidden.
  6. Click "Save".

Ooh la la - now you can share the code or the URL to take these special people straight to the checkout page to access their tickets.

You can also create multiple access codes at the same time using CSV Upload. This is particular useful when you are creating unique codes for a group of different people.

For example, if you want to create a list of access codes using individual email addresses, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Download the CSV example file;
  2. Open the file in Excel;
  3. In Column A under "code", delete the examples, and copy & paste all the email addresses;
  4. In Column B under "quantity", delete the examples, and put a number as the usage limit for the code (per ticket) - if there is no limit, simply leave it blank;
  5. Click "Choose file" to upload;
  6. In the "Applies to" box, select the ticket type you just set hidden;
  7. Click "Save".

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