Hidden Tickets & Access Codes

Yes, you can hide a ticket and decide who can see and purchase it with an 'Access Code'. Sounds like magic, right?

Typical Use: to reserve tickets for VIPs, guests, artists, staff, sponsors and more.

To do this, simply follow the 2 steps below:

1. Hiding a Ticket Type

  1. Once you've selected your event, head to "Tickets >> Ticket Types" from the left menu;
  2. Find or create the ticket types (How to create a ticket type?) you would like to hide and then click the "Settings" gear/cog-shaped icon to the right;
  3. Ensure the "Hidden" toggle is turned ON and select hide "Always";
  4. Click "Save".

2. Creating an Access Code

  1. Head to "Promote" then "Access Codes";
  2. Click "Create Code", put in any code you want, for example: "VIPACCESS";
  3. In the "Applies to" box, select the ticket type you just set hidden.
  4. Click "Save".

Ooh la la - now you can share the code or the URL to take these special people straight to the checkout page to access their tickets.

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