Creating a recurring schedule for your event

You can now easily create recurring events and manage your event dates with a visual calendar!

This is great for events like workshops that might run every Tuesday and Friday over a period of 3 months, or a business networking lunch that happens on the first Wednesday of every month.

For any event that is recurring in nature, this is the tool for you.

This tool is for recurring events only. If you are running an event that spans over multiple days (i.e. a festival or conference), do not use this tool. Instead, check out this guide here.
Make sure everything in your event is of recurring nature. For example, if you wish to change the price of a ticket or capacity for any given date, it will be applied to all other dates on the calendar.

1. Add a recurring event

  1. Select Recurring event in the "Date & Time" section when creating your draft event;
  2. After saving your draft event, you will then be taken to the "Schedule" page where you can add and manage all your recurring dates with a calendar view. It works just like your Google Calendar:
    1. Click on any date to add a date/time, or click on the + Add dates button towards the top right corner;
    2. In the pop-up, you can then set up:
      1. The first occurrence;
      2. How frequently it repeats; and
      3. Until what date or how many occurrences the repetition will end.
  1. Click Save and the dates (occurrences) will be immediately added to your event.
After adding the dates, you can click the + X more shortcut in your event header to quickly access the "Schedule" page again, like so:

2. Delete occurrences in a recurring event

Before you can delete a date, please make sure you haven't sold any ticket on that date, or you have cancelled all tickets for that date.
  1. Click on a date you wish to delete and click Delete ;
  1. Choose if you only want to delete 1 occurrence or more.
  1. Confirm this deletion by clicking Delete.

3. What if I can't delete a date?

If you have sold tickets for a recurring date (occurrence), you won't be able to delete the date without cancelling all the tickets sold. However, you can disable the date which will make the date unavailable (so people won't be able to get tickets for that date).

To disable a date:

  1. Go to the "Schedule" page where you have all your recurring dates;
  2. Click on the date you wish to disable;
  3. Click Edit/Reschedule in the pop-up;
  4. Toggle ON "Disable" and hit "Save".

4. What if I changed my mind and want to start from scratch...

  1. Simply navigate back to Basic information;
  2. In the "Date & Time" section, choose Single event - this will clear and reset the schedule for you.

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