Email Attendees

We have built in an easy-to-use email campaign tool so you can send a bulk email to your attendees right from your Humanitix console.

Pro Tip: You can also schedule your campaign to be sent out at a certain time before/after your event.

Emails can be sent to:

  • ALL attendees;
  • Certain ticket types; or,
  • Specific orders

Here are 2 use cases to give you an idea on what you can do with the "Email Attendees" feature:

1. Sending an event reminder

We have created a template for you, simply follow the steps below:

  1. From the top menu bar, head to "Promote >> Email Attendees"
  2. Click "Create New Campaign"
  3. Select "New Reminder Email" from the dropdown
  4. Review the template and customise it to suit your needs
If your event has a Seating Map, you can also include the "@ViewSeats" link in the email so that with one click people can review their seating locations.

2. Collecting additional data from attendees

For example, if you forgot to set up any additional questions (see how here) or have added more additional questions, you can use email campaign to notify your attendees to update their information (e.g. names for a table, dietary requirements etc.)

  1. Follow Step 1 & 2 as above and select "New Blank Campaign"
  2. Fill out the details and in the "Message" box, use the "@EditOrderLink" smart code. Here is an example:
Hi @FirstName,We can't wait to see you at @EventName! To help our catering team prepare the right food and drink options for you, we will need you to tell us your dietary requirements. Please click here to @EditOrderLink (if you don't have any dietary requirements, please select "None").

Pro Tip: You can also attach a file along with the email campaign

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