Refund and Cancellation

If you are going to cancel your event…

Please reach out to us so we can process a bulk full refund for you. This will save you the trouble having to manually refund your orders one by one.

How to cancel tickets and/or process refunds?

1. Locate the order

  1. You can either go to “Orders” from the top menu bar or go to “Events”, click into the relevant event, and then go to “Orders / Refunds >> Orders” from the side menu on your left;
  2. Search for the order with Order ID, Last Name or Email Address;
  3. Once the order you are looking for appears, click the Order ID, which will take you to the Order Details page;
  4. Click the “Refund / Cancel Tickets” button at the bottom.

2. Process Refunds and/or Cancellations

If you are cancelling the tickets with the refund, please make sure you check the boxes in front of the tickets.

  1. Please make sure the “Refund Amount” is correct.
    1. By default we will auto-populate this field with the ticket price of the cancelled tickets only. If you wish to process a full refund including the fees, please make sure you amend this field;
    2. If you are looking to process a partial refund, simply edit the “Refund Amount” accordingly.
  2. If you are cancelling a free ticket, simply ignore this field as the amount will be $0.

Can I cancel a ticket without refunding?

Absolutely. This is useful when you want to move a misplaced booking. Click here to see how.

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