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I need to Refund / Cancel / Postpone my event

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Some things to do when cancelling or postponing your event:

1. Stop sales via the actions menu button in the top right

2. Send an Email Campaign to notify your attendees of the cancellation/postponement

3. (optional) Include a note in your event description/title to communicate to prospective attendees that the event is cancelled via the "Basic Information" page

If you are going to cancel and refund your event…

Have lots of attendees?

Please reach out to us or raise a platform support request via live chat so we can process a bulk refund for you. This will save you the trouble of having to manually refund your orders one by one.

What about the booking fees charged?
At Humanitix, we give you full liberty to decide whether you want to issue a full refund (booking fees will also be refunded to your customers).

Or, if you'd like to support us, you can also issue a partial refund and leave the booking fees with us if that's what you prefer.

How do I cancel tickets and/or process refunds?

Only have a few attendees? Don't need to refund everyone? You can process these refunds individually

1. Locate the order

  1. Head to Reports > Orders from the top menu bar;
  2. Search for the order with Order ID, Last Name or Email Address and click Get report;
  3. Once the order you are looking for appears, click the Order ID, which will take you to the Order Details page;
  4. Click the Refund / Cancel Tickets button at the bottom.
    Note: you can also find orders via the Orders / Refunds > Orders page of any event

2-1. Process Refunds and/or Cancellations (for online orders)

2-1-1. Refund + Cancel a ticket
If you are cancelling the tickets in addition to the refund, please make sure you check the boxes in front of the tickets - this will then remove the refunded tickets from the attendee's list for you.
  1. Please make sure the “Total Refund Amount” is correct.
    1. By default we will auto-populate this field with the ticket price of the cancelled tickets only. If you wish to process a full refund including the fees, please make sure you amend this field;
    We have given you the option to choose if you'd like to issue a full refund (inclusive of booking fees) or only refund the ticket price, in which case you can still contribute towards your chosen cause from the booking fee profits.
    1. If you are looking to process a partial refund, simply edit the “Total Refund Amount” accordingly.
  2. If you are cancelling a free ticket, simply ignore this field as the amount will be $0.
2-1-2. Refund only (without cancelling a ticket)

To refund an order without cancelling any ticket, simply put in a $ amount in the “Total Refund Amount” field.

Quick Tip: you can double-check you are taking the right action by looking at the green button at the bottom of the pop-up. In this case, it will only say "Refund $XX.XX".
2-1-3. Cancellation only (without refunding the order)

To cancel a ticket, simply tick the box in front of the relevant ticket and clear the “Total Refund Amount” to "0" but make sure you've kept the boxes ticked.

Quick Tip: you can double-check you are taking the right action by looking at the green button at the bottom of the pop-up. In this case, it will only say "Cancel X ticket(s)".

2-2. Process Refunds for invoiced orders (if you have enabled Invoicing as an alternative gateway)

This is only to refund on paper (i.e. our platform is only helping you document the sales generated from invoicing but the actual transaction happens when you receive the funds transferred from your patrons). Therefore, since the payments are collected from your end, you will have to manually process the refunds as well.

For invoiced orders, you will have to mark the invoice as paid first before you can refund the order:

  1. Go to Reports > Paid by Invoice from the top menu bar;
  2. Locate the order and click Actions > Mark as Paid, you will see the invoice status change from "Requires Payment" to "Paid";
  3. Click into the order and then click the Refund / Cancel Tickets button at the bottom.

How do I refund the donation in an order?

If you wish to refund the amount collected via the donation field for your event, the process is slightly different.

You will notice there is a separate field for "Donation" after clicking Refund / Cancel Tickets. To refund the donation component, simply subtract the donation amount from the total amount and put it in this field.

Why can't I see the "Refund / Cancel Tickets" button?

That's because you are looking at an invoice order that requires payment. To cancel this invoice, simply click Actions > Remove Invoice.

My event was free - I don't need to do refunds

In many cases, cancelling tickets may not be necessary and you can simply notify attendees the event could not go ahead via an email campaign.

That being said, you can still reach out to us to perform a mass cancellation - simply raise a platform support request via live chat.

Postponing your event?

Update the event date

Change the event date on the Basic Information page via the dates section.

All valid tickets purchased under this date will be automatically transferred to the new date and ticket sales will continue until the revised date.

Has your event date already passed?

Reach out to us at and we can change the date for you.

Changing a date will NOT notify your attendees. Please reach out to them via an email campaign or other comms channel to let them know of the date change.

Transfer attendees to a new event

  1. Using our Bulk Upload tool you can generate new tickets for your current attendees to a new event.
    Download the "Attendees" report for your event and copy + paste this data onto the file you'll use to bulk upload.
  2. Use our Ticket Swap feature to move an attendee to a new date or event in a few clicks.

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