What about GST?

Updated 1 year ago by Jeremy Tang

Note: Please consult with your tax advisor for advice regarding your tax obligations (GST) with respect to the collection of taxes from attendees on your ticket sales. Humanitix cannot provide any tax advice.

If your event is subject to GST, under "Payments and Fees >> Settings", you can choose to:

  • Include GST in the ticket price by selecting “Absorb GST”; or
  • Add GST to your ticket price by selecting "Pass on GST".

How will GST appear on the invoice?

A tax invoice will be sent to the patron upon their purchase of a ticket, including a break-down with the GST component of the ticket price. If your event is not subject to GST then a receipt will be sent to the patron for their ticket purchase which will illustrate that there is no GST in the base ticket price.

With respect to Humanitix booking & payment fees, prices are always quoted inclusive of GST. You will see this included in the invoice as well (we believe in no nasty surprises!).

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