How to set up notifications?

You can set up 3 different notifications for your chosen emails:

  • Attendee Enquiries
  • Event Payouts
  • Ticket sale notifications

Notifications for A SINGLE event

To set this up for an event:

  1. Head to Events and select your event from the list;
  2. From the left menu bar, go to Advanced >> Notifications;
    1. To turn on ticket sales notifications, simply check "Order notifications";
    2. To turn on attendee enquiries, simply check "Attendee enquiries";
    This is automatically turned on for the organiser contact email entered in "Basic information".
    1. To turn on payout notifications, simply check "Payouts".
    This is automatically turned on for the account holder email, which is the account that creates and owns the event.
  3. To add more email recipients (for example, for your collaborators/cohosts/venues), simply click + Add recipient;
  4. Hit "Update".

Notifications for ALL my events

You can also turn this on for your account so all your newly created events will be affected.

For existing events, you would need to follow the steps above to change the settings for each event.

To do so, simply go to "Account > My account > Default notifications" and follow the same steps listed above.

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