How do I collect information from my attendees?

By default, for each order, we will collect the buyer’s first name, last name, email and mobile for every event (shown as below). This cannot be customised with the only exception being the mobile field, but you can make this optional (see how here).
For your convenience, we have also added First Name and Last Name as the default required question to be captured per ticket (for all your ticket holders as opposed to the buyer of each order). However, you can delete these questions if not suitable.

To capture more information such as dietary requirements, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Go into your event and click “Additional Questions” from the left-hand side menu;
  2. Click "Add Question" and choose from our "Pre build templates" or "Create your own" to customise your data collection;
For example, to ask for consent to join your mailing list, you can add a "checkbox" question and phrase it as: Check here if you would like to subscribe to our marketing emails.
  1. Ensure you have selected for the question to apply to Ticket to collect data from each attendee (per ticket);
If the toggle is OFF, it means data will be collected from the buyer only (per order). You can further customise the questions by clicking the "Settings" gear icon where you can apply them to specific ticket types, make them conditional upon other questions, or ask questions after checkout.
  1. You can also make questions required by turning ON the “Required” toggle, or optional by turning it OFF;
  2. Click "Save";
  3. To review the questions, click the "Preview/View" button from the top and click through the checkout process.

2. Adding conditional questions for "other option" answers

For example, if you have added the Dietary Requirements question which includes the option "Other" and you want to capture what their other requirements are (which are not included in the options from the dropdown), you can add a new question and set a condition for it to show. See how here.

3. Where do I find all the data that's been collected?

Please click here to find out.

4. Can I create a template to store all my questions for other events?

Absolutely! If you have the same or a similar set of questions for a series of events, or you want to collect the same information from your customers every time, you can create a template for your additional questions and import that template into other events. To do this:

  1. Head to "Account >> Advanced" from the top menu bar;
  2. On the left-hand side menu, select "Advanced >> Templates >> Additional Questions";
  3. Click "New Template" and then choose either "From Existing Event" if you have already added your questions to an existing event or "New Additional Questions Template" if you want to start from scratch.
  4. Hit "Save" and then head to the "Additional Questions" section of your event and click the "Import Template" button.

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