How to partially pass on or absorb fees?

Introducing "Split fees", a brand new way to split the fees between you (i.e. absorbing) and your ticket buyers (i.e. passing on) - What do "absorbing" and "passing on" mean?

1. What does split fees look like?

Before "Split fees" was available, on a standard AUD rate, for example, you were either absorbing all of the 4% + $0.99 or passing them onto your ticket buyers.

Now with "Split fees", you can choose to partially pass on or absorb both the fixed and the percentage portion of the fees e.g.:

  • Your customers pay for the $0.99;
  • You cover the 4%.

๐Ÿ˜Ž How cool, right?

2. Set up split fees on an account-level

To set this up, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Go to "Account >> My Account >> Default payment settings"
  2. Select Split fees
    Account > My account > Default payment settings > Split fees

There are 3 components where you can make changes to:

When you change the percentage of either "Pass on" or "Absorb", you will see the other adapt to your input poportionately. For example, when you put 75% in the "Pass on" field, you will see "25%" auto-populated in the "Absorb" field.
  1. "Fixed fee" - this is the fixed fee applied to your tickets (charged per ticket).
  2. "Percentage fee" - this is the percentage fee applied to your orders (charged per transaction);
  3. "Payment fee" - this is only applicable to very few events. Simply ignore this if you don't have it set up with your account / event.
Not sure what is "Fixed fee" and "Percentage fee" are? Check out our website for standard/not-for-profit pricing for AUD events and for NZD events.

3. Split fees on an event-level

To set this up per event, follow the steps below:

  1. Select your event from the Events tab;
  2. Go to "Payments and Fees >> Settings";
  3. In Booking fees, select Per event >> Split fees.
"Split fees" only work on the entire event and is not available when you have selected "By ticket type" with your booking fees.

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