Who benefits from Humanitix?

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Lots of people, from event organisers through to children in disadvantaged communities.

Kids benefit from Humanitix through our education projects

This is why we do what we do. The booking fees cover our costs, then are 100% about funding our education projects.

Please read about our education projects here!

Event organisers benefit from Humanitix

Humanitix has better features, is lower cost for most organisers, and gives events extra impact.

It doesn't cost event organisers any extra to have their event contribute to world-changing education projects.

Charities and schools that run events benefit from Humanitix

We offer a special rate for not-for-profit organisations and schools. Just get in touch to find out more.

Does anyone get paid?

Humanitix is a registered charity, not a business. This means there are no shareholders to pay dividends to and no investors to pay back. Everything we do is about closing the education gap.

Humanitix was started by volunteers – Joshua Ross and Adam McCurdie worked for two years as volunteers to get Humanitix launched. Josh, Adam and the team are now paid small salaries, which allows them to work full time on Humanitix.

Humanitix also has a generous team of volunteers, including The Board, Ambassadors, and many others, all of whom work without pay.

And we pay bills, just like every other organisation.

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