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Not all events run over a single day, location, or have the same content! If this sounds like your event, consider creating separate ticket types for each instance of your event. We cover this in more detail in our Event Series guide.

By setting a custom date and time or location on the ticket level, the system overrides the default event date/time range and location on the specific ticket and let's our attendees know exactly when our events are running.

For example, here's how to set-up the date/time and location override for a health and wellness event series which has 5 different courses running over 5 days.

Setting up Date / Time Overrides

1. Head to the "Tickets" >> "Ticket Types" page on your event.

2. Click the "Settings" cog under the actions column of your ticket type(s)

3. Enter in your start/end times for the ticket type (session) & the location override if need be

Note: By default, tickets will draw information such as time, date and location from the event basic information.
Important: Payouts are normally processed after the end date of your event series. Please reach out to us if your event series is spanning a long time and you need ticket sales to be paid out to you regularly as you complete the sessions within the series along the way.

The awesome thing about these Date & Time and Location overrides is that they will create separate Add to Calendar entry links for your attendees. Attendees can add these after their ticket purchase via the "Add to Calendar" link on their Confirmation page and Confirmation email.

Note: Attendees will need to add each date individually.

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