Checking In My Attendees

We have designed not 1, not 2, but 3 different ways to check in your attendees to suit your event needs:

Manual Check-in

You can print out an attendees list and manually check people in on a piece of paper. Simply download the attendees list in a PDF format from the "Attendees" section in your event.

Desktop Check-in

You can check people in right from your Humanitix Console. Simply head to the "Attendees" section in your event, look for your attendee and click "Check In".

Mobile App Check-in

Click here for more information on how to use our scanning app.

Simply download the free Humanitix app onto your scanning devices (you can use any smartphones) by searching Humanitix Console in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for Android. Our app is super simple to use and is designed to make the check-in at events seamless and secure.

Humanitix tickets have unique QR codes which can be printed or displayed on a mobile device for scanning with the Humanitix app. Alternatively, patrons can be manually checked in by searching their first name, last name or order ID in the app .

Our app is designed to work across multiple event check-points so patrons cannot enter with the same ticket twice. This allows you to have multiple event staff simultaneously checking in guests at different entry points.

The app also reports the number of total tickets checked in so you can see know how many guests have already entered the event. The app is integrated with the web-platform, and on the web-platform under the Attendees section you can manually check and uncheck-in patrons.

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