Why Humanitix?

Updated 1 year ago by Jeremy Tang

Aside from Humanitix making the ticketing for your event easy with a range of market-leading features, we also give your event a marketable charitable element.

Our aim is to turn every event into an opportunity for philanthropy at no extra cost to you or your patrons.

We encourage the event organiser to harness the marketing opportunity from their events impact. That's why we let you choose one of our three education projects for our profits to flow to, as you best know your audience and should choose the most relevant project for your community.

Please note that if you’re a not-for-profit, we simply offer you our platform at what we estimate is our sustainable cost-price, which means your fees are lower but we don’t generate a donation to one of our education projects. In this scenario, you are the cause!

So make the most of it and let your patrons know that each of their paid tickets contribute to a great cause :D

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