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With our "Discount Code" feature, you can easily offer different discounts to different tickets.

Creating a Discount Code

Discount codes can be created within the “Promote >> Discounts” section of your event. Click "Create Discount Code" and begin:

  1. In "Code", give it a unique name. For example I can have a discount code that is called "DREAMER123";
  2. Select if you would like to give the discount as a percentage or a fixed dollar amount;
  3. In "Applies to", you can choose which ticket types the discount can be used for;
  4. Set code usage limits with "Quantity" and "Maximum Use Per Order".
    1. "Quantity" refers to how many times the code can be used in total;
    2. "Maximum Use Per Order" refers to the maximum number of tickets in a single order this discount code can be used for;
  5. Set a timeframe between which the discount code is valid

Creating a Global Discount Code

You can also create a discount code that can be used across multiple, or all of your events! 🌏

Head to Promote on the top menu bar > Global Discount Codes

Selecting "All Events" will mean your code applies to all existing and future events
Both "Quantity" and "Maximum Use Per Order" are applied on the TICKET level. For example, if you have 10 tickets in a booking, a discount code with a "Quantity" of 10 will be used up with this single order.

Create Multiple Unique Discount Codes in Bulk

This is particularly useful when you are creating a unique discount code for each person (for example, you can use their individual emails as the discount code). To do this:

  1. Simply select the "CSV Upload" tab after you click "Create Discount Code" and download the CSV file;
  2. Open the file in Excel and copy and paste your discount codes (e.g. all the individual emails) with one code per row;
  3. Save the CSV file and upload it accordingly;
  4. Set up the rest following Step 2~5 as above.

Using the Discount Code

Your ticket buyers can apply the discount code in the following 2 ways:

  1. By entering the discount code during checkout - they can do so after selecting their tickets and clicking "Enter Details"
  2. By using the direct URL - with one click they can be taken to the event page with the discount code applied so they don't need to enter it themselves
To track tickets that were purchased using discount codes, you can go to the “Reports” section of “Manage Event
Pro Tip: Looking to create a bundle deal? Learn more here.

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