Create Multiple Complimentary Tickets At Once

Sick of creating manual orders one by one? Or have a guest list you need to issue tickets for? You're welcome [wink wink]!

We will be using the brand new "Bulk Upload" feature, which you can find in "Orders / Refunds" when you are in your event.
You will need to make sure that you have created the ticket type you would like to allocate your complimentary tickets to before doing bulk upload. How do I create a ticket type?

To set this up, simply follow the steps below:

Downloading & Editing Templated CSV File

  1. Head to "Manage attendees >> Bulk Upload"
  2. Click on the "templated csv file" to download and open the file with Excel
  3. Type in or copy & paste your guest's details into the right column. Make sure you fill out the following 4 required fields and match the details with the correct column:
    1. Ticket Type (Column A) - please double check if you have put in the correct ticket type
    2. Buyer First Name (Column B)
    3. Buyer Last Name (Column C)
    4. Buyer Email (Column D)
  4. If you have added additional questions, you will also see them appear as additional columns in the CSV file. However, they are not required to be filled out so feel free to leave them blank if not necessary.

Uploading Your Completed CSV File

  1. Click "Choose File" and select the file you just edited.
  2. Select the event date you would like to create tickets for. If you only have one event date, feel free to skip this step.
  3. Tick "Email each order created" if you would like to send an order confirmation email to each order you added in the CSV (one email per row).
  4. Hit "Load".

Mapping Fields

This step is only necessary if you have an existing database and your column names are named differently from our "Additional Questions" fields.
  1. From here, you can manually map the columns in your CSV file to the fields created in "Additional Questions" or simply toggle ON "Ignore column" if it doesn't matter.
  2. Review the examples generated and if everything looks good then hit "Upload"
You will get an email notification once tickets have been generated. It will also include any tickets (rows) that failed to be processed so you can review your CSV file and see if there were any mistakes.

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