Conditional Questions

Updated 1 year ago by Jeremy Tang

Conditional questions are a powerful way to understand more about your attendees, only when it's appropriate and within context.

For example, if you have added the Dietary Requirements question which includes the option "Other" and you want to capture what their other requirements are (which are not included in the options from the dropdown), you can add a new question and set a condition for it to show, like so:

To set this up, simply follow the steps below:

You must first create an additional question (What is an additional question?)
  1. Add a new "Text" question - you can call it "Please tell us your special dietary requirements";
  1. Open up the question setting and toggle ON the "Show if" option;
  2. Set the condition to be show this question when the answer of "Dietary Requirements" "contains" "Other" - this question is now therefore dependent on the attendee answering "Other" in the first question.
  1. Hit "Save".

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