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Running an event across multiple dates?

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When it comes to an event that's run across multiple dates, things can be quite different when you start to ask a few more questions.

Is your event recurring?

By 'recurring', we mean an event that happens multiple times where the Basic Info (tickets, capacities, location etc.) are always the same. The only thing that changes is the date/time. This is easily handled by creating 1 event and adding each date/time under the Basic Information.

For example: Yin Yoga Class, every Sunday evening at 8pm

If not, is it important for your customers to checkout with multiple dates/sessions at the same time?

If it doesn't matter, simply create standalone events to represent each date/session and showcase everything using our Tour Page.

Pro Tip: You can easily duplicate events and also create/import templates - saving you having to start from scratch each time.

However, if your priority is to offer the convenience to checkout, please follow the 2 steps below:

  1. First, you will need to create one event with one date spanning the entire duration of the series, from the start time of the first session, to the end time of the last session. For example:
  1. Then, set up these sessions using Ticket Types, like so:
If you want your customers to be able to add these individual sessions to their calendars, check out how you can associate each ticket type with a date/time override.

You can also bundle some sessions together by using Packaged Tickets:

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