Creating and Using Templates

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Building a series of events and getting sick of rinse and repeat? You'll love our templates:

  • Event Page Styling
  • Ticket Types
  • Additional Questions
The templates you have created can only be accessed and used by you as the account holder and CANNOT be shared amongst Permissions.

1. Creating a template

  1. Go to "Account >> Advanced >> Templates"
  2. There are 2 ways to create any template:
    1. Creating a new one from scratch;
    2. Using an existing event as the source.
      1. Hover over "New template" and select "From existing event";
      2. Choose the event from the dropdown list and click "Continue";
    3. You can then give your template a name and adjust the template, or simply click "Save" if you are happy with what's there;
    4. Once the template is successfully saved, you will see it being added to the list like this:
    1. Now this template is ready to be used/imported.
The process of creating templates for Ticket Types and Additional Questions is the same.

2. Setting a template as default (for all new events)

Currently you can only set templates as default for styling templates ONLY.

To set this up, simply create a template either from scratch or an existing event and make sure to tick the checkbox that says "Set this template as default".

3. Using/Importing a template

  1. Head over to "Events" from the top menu bar and select the event you want to apply the template to;
  2. Go to the relevant section of the event:
    1. If you are importing an Event Page Styling template: "Design >> Styling":
    1. If you are importing a Ticket Type template: "Tickets >> Ticket Types":
    1. If you are importing a Ticket Type template: "Additional Questions":
  3. Now simply click the "Import Template" button to the right and select the right template.

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