I need to cancel and/or refund a ticket

What are my options?

Cancelling and refunding orders in Humanitix is very flexible πŸ’ͺ

Within each order we give you full control over which tickets can be cancelled and what amounts are refunded 🀯 Orders and tickets can be:

A. Cancelled and not refunded

B. Refunded and not cancelled

C. Cancelled and refunded

D. Partially refunded

How do I cancel tickets and/or process refunds?

1. Locate the order

  1. Head to Reports > Orders from the top menu bar;
  2. Search for the order using the Order ID, Name or Email Address and click Get report
  3. Once the order you are looking for appears, click the Order ID, which will take you to the Order Details page;
  4. Click the Refund / Cancel tickets button at the bottom.
    Note: you can also find orders via the Orders / Refunds > Orders page of any event

2. Cancel a ticket

To ensure a ticket is cancelled and restocked simply click the checkbox next to each ticket.

Unselected tickets will not be cancelled.

To cancel all tickets in an order click cancel all tickets.

Cancelled tickets will be removed from the Attendees report.

3. Refund a ticket

When a ticket is selected to be cancelled the net ticket sale price auto-populates in the total refund amount field.

You can manually enter / amend the refund amount in this field.

Partial Refunds

You can also amend the total refund amount to provide a partial refund on an order/ticket.

You can cancel and refund a ticket/order in the same action - just ensure all tickets to be cancelled are selected and the total refund amount is correct.

4. Refund a donation

If you wish to refund the amount collected via the donation field for your event, the process is slightly different.

You will notice there is a separate field for "Donation" after clicking refund / cancel tickets. To refund the donation component, simply subtract the donation amount from the total amount and put it in this field.

Process a refund for invoiced orders

(if you have enabled Invoicing as an alternative gateway)
This is only to refund on paper (i.e. our platform is only helping you document the sales generated from invoicing but the actual transaction happens when you receive the funds transferred from your patrons). Therefore, since the payments are collected from your end, you will have to manually process the refunds as well.

For invoiced orders, you will have to mark the invoice as paid first before you can refund the order:

  1. Go to Reports > Paid by invoice from the top menu bar;
  2. Locate the order and click Actions > Mark as paid you will see the invoice status change from "Requires Payment" to "Paid";
  3. Click into the order and then click the Refund / cancel tickets button at the bottom.

Why can't I see the "Refund / Cancel Tickets" button?

That's because you are looking at an invoice order that requires payment.

To cancel this invoice, simply click Actions > Remove invoice

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