I need to postpone my event

Postpone your event:

  1. (optional) Stop sales via the actions menu button in the top right to prevent further registrations until you decide on a new date or work out your next actions.
  1. Send an Email Campaign to notify your attendees of the postponement
  2. (optional) Include a note in your event description/title to communicate to prospective attendees that the event is postponement via the Basic Information page
  3. Change event date

Change the event date on the Basic Information page via the dates section.

All valid tickets purchased under this date will be automatically transferred to the new date and ticket sales will continue until the revised date.

Make sure to resume sales if you had placed a stop sales indicator on the event

Has your event date already passed?

Reach out to us at events@humanitix.com.au and we can change the date for you.

Changing a date will NOT notify your attendees. Please reach out to them via an email campaign or other comms channel to let them know of the date change.

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