Can my booking fees go to a charity other than Humanitix?

100% of booking fees go to Humanitix, which is a registered charity. Many of our projects have local delivery partners. These partners are evidence-based, and work to make long-lasting, systemic change. For example, our Nutrition for School Kids program in Australia is delivered in partnership with Ozharvest’s network of 3,500 food donors and 1,300 local charities, and delivered in New Zealand.

We ❤️not-for-profits, and we ❤️ schools! Here's what we do:

Instead of donating booking fees outside of our existing programs, we instead offer approved organisations incredibly low booking fees of only 50c + 2.5%. Since we started, we have saved non-for-profits thousands and thousands of dollars. All you need to do is get in touch!

Are you a non-profit?
To access the special reduced fees, please email and include verification documentation or link to your ACNC registration - we will then approve your account.
Are you a school?
Humanitix loves education! That's why we have a special rate available for schools. If this is you, please let us know in an email to .

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