Can I nominate a charity that’s not a partner?

Due to administrative resources we have limited capacity to assess and support every charity requested.

If your event will sell over $300,000 in tickets, contact us at and we will be in touch to see if we can help.

To explain this (as we appreciate it’s not always obvious for event organisers) please appreciate that Humanitix itself is a registered charity, and we have to be very careful to not lose our licence by donating to causes that don’t fit our licence and mandate.

To ensure compliance with our licence for new charities we have to:

  1. Research the charity to ensure it is consistent with our licence and mandate.
  2. Establish a legal agreement with the charity so that we can use their logo and other marketing and branding materials and promote their cause (we can’t promote them without their consent).
  3. Establish a banking relationship for the donation transfer.
  4. Follow up with the charity to ensure we get a DGR-receipt for our donation.

For this reason, if the event is small (and consequently the donation is also small), this process becomes unaffordable for us. Instead, we can offer our discounted not-for-profit rate to registered charities so that we can pass on the savings to their cause. Humanitix only works if we have a streamlined and scalable process - we have to pay our staff for their time and the model doesn’t work if we have to make a fortune of small donations across a wide range of organisations.

Furthermore, we want to have a major impact through our education projects, as we believe education is at the heart of inequality and other societal issues.

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