Customising your event/ticket design

Updated 1 year ago by Jeremy Tang


Check out this slick example that one of our hosts has done:

Now to customise your own, head to: Design > Styling

Here you will have the option to

  1. Apply any of the prebuilt themes to your event;
  2. Create a customised theme with:
    1. a unique colour for the buttons and the links
    2. a different background
    3. a different button text. You can choose from "Get tickets", "Register", "Buy tickets" or "Donate"

  1. Customise the PDF ticket design by including your branding on the ticket, as well as a note. You can preview the ticket design by clicking the ‘Preview ticket’ button.

Order messages

Head to: Design > Order Messages

You have the ability to customise messaging on both the order confirmation page shown when customers complete their purchase as well as on the ticket itself.

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