When will my event be paid out?

Humanitix will transfer the ticket proceeds to your nominated bank account within 5 business days post your event’s completion.
For events with recurring dates, each date (occurrence) will be paid out after it is concluded.

It's been a few days after my event and I haven't received my funds?

Please check you have correctly entered your bank account details. You can do this by going to "Account >> My Account" and then from the left-hand side "My Account >> Bank Accounts".

If you need to update your banking details, you can simply click the pencil button to edit.

If you have not received your funds after 5 business days following your event's conclusion, please email accounts@humanitix.com and a Humanitix team member will immediately attend to the issue.

What if I need my funds earlier?

If you require early access to your ticket proceeds please contact earlypayment@humanitix.com to discuss your requirements. Please make sure to:

  1. The event name you need early payment for;
  2. Leave your best contact details;
  3. Outline the amount and percentage you need released of total ticket sales; and
  4. Indicate the date you need it by (please allow us 2 business days to make the transfer into your account).

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