Where is the payout receipt/statement?

You can find the payout receipt/statement in 2 ways:

1. Downloading your payout receipt in console

You can retrieve all the payout receipts now through "Reports >> Payouts" from the top menu bar.

Make sure you have the right permission for the event in order for you to retrieve the payout receipts. Learn more about My Team permissions here.

2. Receiving your payout receipt via email

When we transfer your final ticket sales to you, you will get an email confirmation from us with a payout receipt attached. This is a statement that details how your ticket sales numbers are added up and how your payout amount is calculated.

The payout email is sent to the event owner/creator ONLY by default. You can add multiple recipients to be on the bcc list.

Add bcc recipients to a specific event's payout notice

  1. Go to "Events" and select your event;
  2. From the side menu bar, click "Payments and fees >> Settings";
  3. Add additional payout emails and click "Save".

Add bcc recipients to all of your future events' payout notice

This will apply to future events you create from now on ONLY. It will NOT retrospectively apply to your existing events, be it live or past.
  1. Go to "Account"
  2. From the side menu bar, click "My account >> Default settings";
  3. Add additional payout emails and click "Update".

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