Organiser Profile/Email

Create Organiser Profile

Currently, organiser profiles are NOT shared amongst your team members. This means only the creator of the organiser profile can edit and manage it.

Your organiser profile appears at the bottom of each event page and gives attendees the opportunity to visit your Humanitix profile, website and social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter).

Once your organiser profile has been created, it can be updated anytime. Just head to the 'Account' tab at the top of task bar and click 'Organisers'. From here you can preview your profile, make changes, or delete as necessary.

Event Organiser Contact Email

Correspondences you will be receiving via this email include:

  1. Customer enquiries sent from the "contact organiser" link on your event page;
  2. Sales notifications (when a new order is placed) - you will need to switch on BCC order email first;
  3. BCC copies of all refund confirmations
Please note: This email address is not visible to public.

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