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Our powerful Mailchimp integration automatically creates and/or updates your Mailchimp contact records with enriched data from your Humanitix orders.

Rather than simply creating one Mailchimp Audience Member per Humanitix order, Humanitix syncs data to Mailchimp through their E-commerce Stores API. This adds contacts to Mailchimp with a richer set of data that can be linked back to the Humanitix order, and track customer activity over time. 

As per Mailchimp’s recommendations you can choose a single Audience (sometimes referred to as List) to sync to.

Setting up Mailchimp

Head to "Account" on the top menu bar.

Click "Advanced" > "Integrations" > "Mailchimp"

We've also cheekily provided the link for you HERE

Follow the prompts to log into Mailchimp and connect your Humanitix account 🍌

Data Mapping

The following table describes how Humanitix customer data is mapped to Mailchimp Members

Mailchimp's Personalised Merge Fields cheat sheet here

Getting Started with Tags on Mailchimp

Sync Schedule

Humanitix syncs every five minutes (subject to change). Users of the feature should be aware that it may take up to that duration for contacts to appear in Mailchimp.

What’s not synced?

  • Additional Questions aren’t synced.
  • Buyer Phone and Address fields aren’t synced.
  • Add-ons aren’t synced.
  • Gift Card orders aren’t synced.

Visual data mapping guide

A Organiser Name and Currency as a “Store” segmentation filter.

Event Name - Event Date available as a “Product Purchased” segmentation filter.

“Activity Feed” comprises the following data: Order Completed At, Order Name, Order Total, Order First Name, Order Last Name, Banner Image, Event Name - Event Date, Order Console URL, Event Console URL. Clicking the card navigates to the Event Overview page in the Humanitix console, clicking on the order name navigates to the order detail page.

Order totals tallied as Total revenue and Average order value, on the View Member page

Information like Event: Event Name showing as “Tags”. Tags are visible in multiple places including the Audience page.

Read more on segmenting on these data in Mailchimp’s docs: Segment an Audience by Purchase Activity

Subscription and Opt in 

Please read Mailchimp's permission definitions:

When a customer checks “Keep me updated on the latest news, events, and exclusive offers from the event organiser” during checkout, this flags the order with “organiserMailListOptIn”. This is sent to Mailchimp as “opt in status” From the Mailchimp docs:

This value will never overwrite the opt-in status of a pre-existing Mailchimp list member, but will apply to list members that are added through the e-commerce API endpoints. Customers who don't opt in to your Mailchimp list will be added as Transactional members.

This means that we sync all order emails, but only those with organiserMailListOptIn set to true will be Subscribed.

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