Manage Session Capacities

Updated 1 year ago by Jeremy Tang

Running a workshop or conference with limited session capacities? This one's for you.

This feature is built for events requiring another layer of capacity management
We will be using "Limit Quantity" feature in "Additional Questions"


I'm running an event with two breakout workshops (morning and evening) - each workshop has 2 different topics with varying limited capacities. My attendees will HAVE TO select 1 workshop from each session.

To set this up, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Simply head to "Tickets >> Ticket Types" when you are in your event;
  2. Have one general ticket type created - in this example we will call it "General Admission"
  3. Hit "save" and head to "Additional Questions"
  4. Create a question called "Please select your morning workshop:", switch on "Required" toggle so your attendees will HAVE TO select an answer
  5. Add the 2 topics as "Available Options", and switch on the "Limit Quantity" toggle
  6. In each "Quantity" field, enter each workshop's capacity
  7. Create the second question "Please select an afternoon workshop:" and repeat Steps 4-6
  8. Hit "Save".

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