What a great problem to have! However, we understand that with sold out events you don’t necessarily want to turn away everyone who didn’t manage to snatch up a ticket. You might want to collect people’s details in case there are any ticket cancellations, or keep them in the loop for your upcoming events - either way, you can give everyone a chance to enjoy your amazing event!

By default, the waitlist is feature is NOT enabled.

Enabling Waitlist

To enable the waitlist feature for your event:

  1. Click into your event, and go to "Manage Attendees >> Waitlist >> Waitlist Settings"
  2. Turn ON the “Enable waitlist” toggle
  3. Choose when you want the waitlist to be turned on:
    1. When the total event capacity has been reached; and/or
    2. When a specific ticket type in your event has been sold out.
  4. Choose which ticket types you want the waitlist for - leave blank if you want to enable waitlist for all ticket types for your event.
  5. If you want to limit the number of people signing up to the waitlist, enter a "Maximum waitlist size".
  6. You can also change how long is given for ticket purchasing once the waitlisted person has been offered ticket(s).
  7. Click “Save”.

Managing Waitlist

Once the waitlist has been enabled, and people are joining the waitlist, you can view their details under "Manage Attendees >> Waitlist >> Manage Waitlist Settings".

- Offering tickets when they become available

When more tickets become available, you can manually offer tickets to waitlist attendees by selecting them on this Waitlist section.

Before you offer any tickets, please make sure that you have enough tickets available by going to the "Overview" tab from the left-hand side and scroll down to "Ticket Sales by Ticket Type".
To make more tickets available, you will need to go to "Tickets >> Ticket Types" and increase the ticket capacity. This action will NOT make the ticket available to the public as the waitlisted people are protected once Waitlist is triggered.

When you are ready, go back to your waitlist and click “Offer tickets”. By looking at the "Status" column, you will be able to track the status of each offer on whether they have:

  • been notified ("notified"),
  • passed on the offer ("passed"),
  • clicked on the offer ("interested"),
  • bought tickets ("purchased") or
  • let the offer expire ("expired").
- Removing people from waitlist

You can also remove them from the waitlist by selecting them and clicking “Remove from waitlist”.

You can manually add people to the waitlist by clicking “Add attendees to waitlist”. Note that if they have already signed up to the waitlist with the same email address, their information will be compiled into this existing data.

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