Grouped Capacity

Found via: Tickets > Grouped Capacity

Grouped capacity lets you set how many tickets can be sold across a group of tickets in your event. This tool is particularly helpful when the combination of individual ticket-type capacity and total event capacity are too restrictive. By using Grouped Capacity it ensures you don't over-sell your days, venue, campsite, sessions etc..

All tickets in the group will be displayed as sold out when the total number of tickets sold across the group reaches the group capacity.


The example below reflects a festival selling a combination of festival access tickets (Adult & Child) while also selling Camping access (regular & VIP). Each ticket type has its own respective capacity rules however these are overridden by the group they are included within. This means that no matter the capacity set on each ticket, the collective number of tickets available for sale will never be greater than the Grouped Capacity set.

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