Socially distanced seating maps

Ensure your event is a safe one by automatically enabling social distancing in your venue with the ability to block seats on either side of bookings, or by blocking out individual seats and/or entire rows of seats

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To get started head to the Seating Maps page of your event.

Click Edit

Make sure you're on the Seating Layout tab of your seating map

If you have yet to build your seating map check out our quick guide HERE

For a detailed set of instructions check out our complete guide HERE

Automatically block seats on either side of bookings

1. Click on the seating block

2. On the left-hand menu bar click the Settings tab

3. Under the Social Distancing header, adjust the number of seats you will like to block out each side of a booking.

For example, setting this to '1' will mean if I purchase Seat '2', Seats 1 and 3 will become unavailable for other attendees.

Attendees can still book multiple tickets next to each other in a single order.

You will need to repeat this action for each individual seating block you have created
You can update this social distancing number after ticket sales have been made. If increasing, previously available seats will become unavailable, and vice-versa.

Block out individual seats / entire rows

1. Hold SHIFT + Click each individual seat

- or -

Hold SHIFT + Click and drag to select multiple seats such as an entire row

A purple border should appear over your selected seats.

2. On the left-hand menu bar click Hide Seat

These seats will still appear on the seating map, but are unavailable for purchase by guests

How socially distanced seats work for the buyer

When an attendee selects their seats and proceeds to checkout, seats either side of their booking are now no longer available for anyone else.

E.g. When '1' seat is set to be blocked out either side of each booking, a buyer can select their seats normally in the one order.

When the next buyer comes to purchase their own tickets they are unable to select a seat already chosen by the previous buyer and the 1 seat either side.

If you have blocked out individual rows or seats, they will simply be unavailable for purchase

Social distanced settings can only be applied to seating rows. This is not currently available for Tables or Areas as it assumed social distancing has been accounted for already in these setups.

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