I can't find my ticket/invoice

Once you’ve purchased your tickets, you will receive an order confirmation email with the tax invoice and tickets attached as PDF files.

If you didn’t receive your tickets after your purchase or flat out just can't find them, try these:

  1. Search your inbox and junk/spam folders for emails from orders@humanitix.com
  2. Check the email address you submitted for your order. Was there a typo? If so, contact the event organiser to correct this.
  3. Check if your email server automatically blocks/filters out certain emails?

Getting Your Ticket/Invoice Resent

If you still can't find or have an issue receiving the email, you can message the event organiser requesting a resend of tickets - they can edit your email address, or use a new email address you provide and then resend tickets for you. You can contact them by heading to the event page, scrolling to the bottom and click “Contact Organiser”.

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