I can't find my ticket/invoice

Once you’ve purchased your tickets, you will receive them in an order confirmation email with the tax invoice attached.

If you didn’t receive your tickets after your purchase or flat out just can't find them, try these:

  1. Make sure your email address is spelled correctly. If there is a typo, please contact the event organiser to correct this.
  2. Check your junk/spam folders. If you find the email there, mark it as “not spam” and save Humanitix’s email address (orders@humanitix.com) to your contacts to prevent it from happening in the future.
  3. ​Check your mail filters. Most email services provide filtering options to help you sort and manage your inbox. Check to see if a filter might have redirected the email elsewhere in your inbox.
  4. Check for third party filtering. If you use a company, corporate, or business email address, there may be other services in use that are blocking the message. Your company’s IT department or mail provider can confirm this and might need to whitelist @stripe.com to prevent it from happening in the future.

Getting Your Ticket/Invoice Resent

If you still can't find or have an issue receiving the email, you can message the event organiser requesting a resend of tickets - they can edit your email address, or use a new email address you provide and then resend tickets for you. You can contact them by heading to the event page, scrolling to the bottom and click “Contact Organiser”.

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