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​Manage your online event content using Virtual Event Hub

Introducing a great way to easily, and securely, showcase your online event using our brand new feature - Virtual Event Hub. Both free and paid events can use the hub to manage their online content.…

Jeremy Tang
Updated 1 month ago by Jeremy Tang

Introducing: Promotional Hub

9 seconds' attention span. Images Get Your Audience’s Attention - a social media post accompanied by a photo is 10 times more likely to get engagement because our brains respond so quickly to images…

Jeremy Tang
Updated 1 month ago by Jeremy Tang

How can I showcase all of my events?

Looking for an easy way to showcase your lineup of amazing events? Check out one of our options below to make it easy for your prospective attendees to pick and choose! 1. Tour Page. A tour page is a…

James Humpherson
Updated 1 month ago by James Humpherson

Using the Affiliate Tracking Link

Want to track the effectiveness of your referrals or ad placements?. Simply follow the steps below: Go to Promote >> Affiliate Tracking ;. Click " Add Code ";. Put in a code that you can easily ident…

Jeremy Tang
Updated 2 months ago by Jeremy Tang

Adding 3rd party embeds to event pages

Do you want to feature content from other platforms within your Humanitix event? Your event page is AS important as your promo material. Along with embedding Images and Video, there's a whole host of…

James Humpherson
Updated 4 months ago by James Humpherson

How do I communicate my event's impact?

It's a good time to tell your network the amazing impact you are making. Whether you are donating to our partner projects, or running events for your own charity, you can leverage the social impact y…

Jeremy Tang
Updated 4 months ago by Jeremy Tang

Discount Codes

With our "Discount Code" feature, you can easily offer different discounts to different tickets. Creating a Discount Code. Discount codes can be created within the “ Promote >> Discounts ” section of…

Jeremy Tang
Updated 5 months ago by Jeremy Tang

Gift Cards

It's the end of bad gifts 🎁... Let your customers give the greatest gift of all; an unforgettable experience at a roaring event (yours!) 🤙 With our Gift Card feature, customers can purchase vouchers…

James Humpherson
Updated 6 months ago by James Humpherson

Hidden Tickets & Access Codes

Yes, you can hide a ticket and decide who can see and purchase it with an 'Access Code'. Sounds like magic, right?. Typical Use: to reserve tickets for VIPs, guests, artists, staff, sponsors and more…

Jeremy Tang
Updated 1 year ago by Jeremy Tang