Apps & Integrations

​Using the Humanitix App

The Humanitix App is completely free and is designed to help event organisers easily manage check-in at their event, or keep an eye on how events are selling while on the run. Don't worry if people d…

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​How to sell tickets on your own website?

Create a seamless registration experience and sell tickets right from your website with our embedded widgets. TL; DR - Where are these widgets? Simply go to an event from Events , and then from the s…

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​Setting Up Facebook Integration

Sell more tickets by connecting your Humanitix account to Facebook. 1. Connect Humanitix to Facebook account. It's super easy to post your events on Facebook now directly from your Humanitix console.…

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Setting up more integrations?

Click here to explore how you can do more with Humanitix and the other apps you love. With Zapier, you can connect our platform to 1500+ apps in just 2 minutes. Some popular ones include: Please note…

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API Documentation

Please note: our public API is read-only,. Two clean and simple examples of utilising our public API: Example 1: UTS. Example 2: CERES. All request require an x-api-key header with your API key. Wher…

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Deprecated API V1 Documentation

Please note: This version of the API is deprecated and will be removed on the 1st of December 2021 Please use version 2 our public API is read-only. Two clean and simple examples of utilising our pub…

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Mailchimp integration

Our powerful Mailchimp integration automatically creates and/or updates your Mailchimp contact records with enriched data from your Humanitix orders. Rather than simply creating one Mailchimp Audienc…

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Salesforce Integration

We have a Salesforce managed package built by their partner, AlphaSys. Using the Humanitix Sync Package, you can easily sync your events, orders, tickets, campaigns and contact information made on Hu…

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Analysing Your Events' Traffic and MORE...

Currently you can integrate Humanitix with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and/or Google Tag Manger to collect the data below: Scenario Event Parameters A user lands on your event page PageView A us…

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How to run a digital event on Humanitix: Reach a global audience without needing a venue

A digital event is a great way to reach audiences all over the world, without them needing to leave their home or workplace. Conferences, courses, concerts and keynotes have all been broadcast online…

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Adding LinkedIn insight tags to your Google Tag Manager

See how here:

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