Payouts and Payment Options

​Payment Gateways

There are 4 different payment gateways, which can affect how your ticket buyers will pay for their purchase and/or how you will receive the payouts. After you have selected your event from " Events "…

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Why has my event not been paid out yet?

We want you to get access to your ticket sales as fast as possible but there might be a few reasons why your event hasn't been paid out. Your details need to be confirmed. If this is the first event…

James Humpherson
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Setting up "Paid by invoice" as an alternative payment option

Apart from credit card payment, "Paid by invoice" offers a convenient way to allow your customers to go through the checkout and request an invoice to pay you directly. 1. Set up invoicing. Simply fo…

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Adding a GL Code to your payout

What is a GL code?. A General Ledger code is a, usually, alpha-numeric code used by finance teams to categorise revenues coming into an account. GL codes are optional and are only used by organisatio…

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Where is the payout receipt/statement?

You can find the payout receipt/statement in 2 ways: 1. Downloading your payout receipt in console. You can retrieve all the payout receipts now through " Reports >> Payouts " from the top menu bar.…

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How to connect Stripe?

Connecting Stripe doesn't retrospectively affect the transactions that have occurred before ( How Stripe handles payouts? ). As Stripe is a third party payment gateway, there are extra costs associat…

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How to partially pass on or absorb fees?

Introducing "Split fees", a brand new way to split the fees between you (i.e. absorbing) and your ticket buyers (i.e. passing on) - What do "absorbing" and "passing on" mean? 1. What does split fees…

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Tip Fees

Who pays the booking fee? Having a hard time deciding, or want to just give your attendees the option? With the Tip Fees option, your attendees will have the power to support your cause by adding the…

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Donations & DGR (Tax Deductible) Receipts

Fellow DGR friends (Humanitix is a registered DGR charity too), you are going to love this!. For a donation (gift/contribution) to be tax deductible, it must be made to an eligible DGR entity. To lea…

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