Getting started with Humanitix

Quick start guide

To create a new event: Log into your Humanitix account using your nominated email and password. In the top right click create event. Fill in your event details. Don’t have all the details? Don’t worr…

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Updating Your Bank Account

Always make sure you have the correct banking details linked to your events so you can get paid on time. You will have to update the bank account yourself because we are not allowed nor able to chang…

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Creating a recurring schedule for your event

You can now easily create recurring events and manage your event dates with a visual calendar! This is great for events like workshops that might run every Tuesday and Friday over a period of 3 month…

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Support resources

Why not bookmark this page? Below is a list of our best support resources: Quick Start Guide Here's our Quick Start Guide to get you going. Digital Event (on Zoom etc..) Here's our Digital Event Guid…

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